'Rider pride travels well

A Saskatoon couple's trip to Egypt earlier in the month included a stop at the Great Pyramid and a photo opportunity with a Saskatchewan Roughriders flag.
Jason and Kim Aebig are two football fans who decided to take the team flag with them on their trip.
"Before the underwear and the toothbrushes were in the suitcases, we had our 'Rider flag packed away and ready to go," Jason Aebig told CBC News on Friday.
As they set out to view the ancient pyramid site, the flag was tucked inside Kim's purse ready for their photo.
Aebig said they were somewhat nervous that unfurling the flag might not go over well with authorities at the pyramid site.
"We opened up the flag and we got lots of attention," Aebig explained. "We just told everyone around us that is was for a soccer team that was back home that we were really passionate about. And they seemed to buy that."
Aebig said taking the picture went smoothly and he almost expected someone to shout "Go Riders!" as the flag was in view.
"It was just a great opportunity to unfurl the flag and show our pride," he said. "We got lots of smiles and lots of good feedback."
Aebig said his family has been following the team's fortunes for a long time.
"We've had season tickets for as long as I can remember," Aebig said. "It's more than just being a fan, its part of you."
"There is nothing more exciting than being at Taylor Field on game day," he added. "You're with 30,000 of your closest buddies. We just love it."
Aebig suggested other fans could also travel with a flag, and a world-wide gallery of 'Rider pictures may ensue.
"It's very light. It's a $19 flag," Aebig said. "Pack that first and where ever you go, unfurl that flag. That's as much a Saskatchewan flag as our provincial one."
The entire province is buzzing with talk about the football team, in anticipation of the western conference final game Sunday afternoon in Regina against the Calgary Stampeders.
The winner goes on to play for the Grey Cup.

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