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Chomu Palace (A Heritage Hotel)Tourism Promotion Services (TPS)-->
Chomu Palace, a reflection of the Royal Palaces of India, is a 300 year old elegant fortified palace hotel and one of the places to visit in Rajasthan. It revives the gracious lifestyles of the princes of Rajasthan and the heritage of India. It is an authentic and historic palace that discreetly blends with the modern amenities and facilities. This historic monument is designed according to the Indian Vastushastra philosophy. An integral part of the Rajasthan Tourism, this palace hotel in Rajasthan reverberates with regal and aristocratic memories. Contributing to National Growth
Operating under the "Serena" brand name, Tourism Promotion Services owns and manages thirty hotels in East Africa and Asia. Besides earning foreign exchange and increasing employment and manpower development, tourism can contribute to national growth in more qualitative ways.
TPS's first hotel ventures were established in the 1970s in Kenya, where Serena safari lodges and hotels have come to be recognized as leaders for the quality of their services, architecture and ecological responsibility. AKFED's involvement in East African tourism now extends to Tanzania, where safari lodges and a luxury tented camp have been established at picturesque sites in world-renewed national parks and a hotel opened in Zanzibar's historic Stone Town. -->
Dangayach Group
The Dangayach Group is an organization of highly motivated, disciplined and trained team members, technicians and managers who strive to implement cutting edge solutions in the fields of Jewellery, Hotels and Real Estate. The Dangayach group was founded in 1966 and since then has pursued an unstinted path of growth. The Chairman - Mr. Hari Mohan Dangayach embarked into business 40 years ago. The other hotels owned and managed in the group are Ramada Jaipur a 160 room modern hotel and Park Prime Jaipur a 83 room city centre boutique hotel.

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