Now, ISRO vying for low-cost Space Tourism

We have mentioned this earlier, last couple of years have been fabulous for India’s journey into space. Now, moving further, India Space Research Organization (ISRO) is vying for low-cost Space Tourism.

Yes, if you’re bored of those five-star hotel visits or first class luxury flights – you can have a day dream of flying in the space for a tour to the Moon and the Mars, and that too at (relatively) lower cost

Until now, we are well aware of the news of ISRO launching of advanced communications satellite which will put into orbit for the first time by a cryogenic engine developed by its own ISRO scientists. It is slated for launch on April 15 from the space center at Sriharikota.
According to a report, the opportunities in space tourism, until now, had been limited and been an expensive proposition as a part of offer from Russian Space Agency at a price of $20-35 million, out of reach of middle class public. Presently, US, Russia and Japan have started to have a habitat in Mars by 2030. Space tourists usually sign contracts with third parties.

Indian can play an important role in the development of low-cost space tourism based on its affordable space technologies. ISRO was allocated a budget of $1.27 billion for 2009-2010. The trip to Mars is estimated to be of duration of 250 days journey.

With India’s success of Chandrayaan-I program at a relatively low-cost, ISRO is more ecstatic about the viability of affordable space tourism theme and that it has already began work with a starting budget of Rs.5000 crore.

Every un-treaded path is attractive and challenging and provides for a nerve of surprise. The journey to the outer world of space is now likely to be more affordable from being very expensive until now to less expensive in the near future.

If you’re from the club of those millionaires (no need to be a billionaire), and if your childhood dream, which felt very unlikely then, was to fly in the outer space, possibly you’re in to fulfill those dreams in your current life time.

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